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STORIES OF MYSTERY and surrealism

Prepare yourself as you dive into this intense collection of twisted short stories.  They will challenge your views on reality and perhaps make you question your sanity.  These stories will take you to remote islands, dive into urban environments, and even explore the world of historical fiction.  They will examine the realities of the human experience through fantastic and mysterious circumstances.   Enjoy these surreal adventures, as you explore the limits of the human mind.  These tales will tantalize you and make you wonder what is truly real.  As you read each of them, your mind will open and light will shine on the dark corners of the human psyche.  Laugh and cry, but don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

The Swift

   Left behind after the military evacuation

and separated from their families, the people of Storm Lake must decide what to do.  Food has spoiled; technology stopped working and everyday life turned upside down.  There are no answers, only questions and tough decisions to be made.

   As they search for help in the cornfields of rural Iowa, a deadly game of hunter and prey develops between them and the Swift.  The Swift are mysterious and ruthless creatures who hunt to kill.  They unexplainably appear after the event and mercilessly dispatch of anyone who they encounter; while Coach Mike, Levi, his pupil, and those left behind must hunt the Swift for sustenance and survival. 

   Go along this dark and twisted journey with Coach Mike and Levi as they do the unimaginable to survive in this apocalyptic new world, all in hopes of one day reuniting with their families. 

The Swift by Ricky Dragoni

The Angel of a Madman

    In the dusty desert town of Pecos New Mexico, a unique and strange friendship blossoms. Bracket a self-proclaimed intergalactic spy encounters Gabriel.  Gabriel, a world traveler, has returned home after a family tragedy and is now looking for hope in the bottom of the bottle.

    The desert and its majestic mesas bear witness to a grand escape, and what is to be a friendship for the ages.  Experience this tale through both unique perspectives; the intergalactic science fiction prism of Bracket’s reality, and Gabriel’s grip on the sad realities of life. 

    Be part of this journey of friendship, self-realization and the healing of a broken mind.  As we explore the beautiful depths of the human intellect and what it can truly achieve.

The Angel of a Madman by Ricky Dragoni


    The year is 6,740 and humans have finally reached the pinnacle of civilization. Not only has time travel been mastered, but also control over the human genome. In the pursuit of perfection, mankind has become a sublime but homogeneous species. Jordan, a time scout for KronoCorp, travels through time securing events and locations for people to visit—all while carrying the sadness of needing something much more out of life.

    A longing is born from Jordan’s experiences and travels, a longing and a need to be able to love Lumi as completely as millions of other couples have felt through time. This need drives Jordan to take extreme and dark measures to affect the timeline, desperately and carefully attempting to manipulate the past—hoping the Ripples in time won’t alert the relentless and unforgiving Auditor.

Ripples by Ricky Dragoni
Prime Infinity by Ricky Dragoni

Prime Infinity

        A miracle of science and medicine is achieved by Dr. Vincent Rivera in the development of Reincarbonation.  The desperate attempts to save a child leap science forward and set the first brick on mankind’s road to hell.


       Death becomes optional as Reincarbonation transplants the patient’s old soul into a new healthy cloned body.  The success of the original operation leads to a worldwide cry for help creating the desperate need for funding.  Vanity steps in as always, and the desire of the rich to be young again provides the needed funds. Eventually Reincarbonation is militarized which starts the beginning of the end.


    What started as an altruistic doctor has now become the ruling corporation in the world.  The Board seizes control of all of the re-soldiers and with them every nation in the globe.  A resistance is born in hopes to overthrow The Board and they enlist the help of Dr. Rivera. 


     Nightmares and flashbacks afflict the good Doctor as he fights to overthrow The Board with a diverse and rebellious cast of companions.  The truth slowly unravels as the rebellious group makes one final desperate attempt to stop The Board and bring the world back to sanity.

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